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Don’t be like Trump – Avoid these public speaking mistakes

Have you ever tried watching an entire press conference with Trump? It’s a challenge.

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Why you should learn programming with these 4 websites right now

Women who code are still scarce out there. But IT is the future and it’s time for a change. This blog post shows, where you can learn coding for free. Yes, it’s possible!

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Why you need a career journal immediately

If your career and professional development is important to you, you might want to think about starting a career journal or success diary. The benefits are pretty awesome…

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Transform yourself this Easter! Learn this:

Most parts of the holidays and long weekends we spent with family gatherings. Use the time in between to boost your skill set!

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6 reasons to start a daily to-do list

My flatmates during college often called me obsessed with to-do lists. No day would go by without Laura creating several colourful to-do lists on every paper she could find. Read why you should at least become a bit obsessed, too.

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